I see people are interested in Spring Awakening playbills

I still have a few (OBC included) if anyone is looking. I need to get rid of stuff so send in an offer.

To everyone interested in the Bonnie & Clyde playbill.

I will not be replying to anymore messages that ask “How much do you want for the Bonnie & Clyde playbill?” As I said, I am taking offers¬†for it. I’m not naming a price. The highest one gets it. Please stop asking me the price and make one if you’re interested in it :)

Once again, I ended up with an extra Bonnie & Clyde playbill signed by both Jeremy & Laura. I’ve also got an opening night playbill that is unsigned. If anyone would like to purchase (Not willing to trade as both were purchased pre signing), shoot me a message. Will be like the last time. Best offer will get it.

The Last Goodbye - San Diego (October 2013)

Aida - Chicago (August 2002)

The Last Goodbye - San Diego (October 2013)

Bonnie & Clyde - Broadway (November 2011)

Aida - Chicago pre-broadway try out (Dec 1999)

Bonnie & Clyde - Broadway (opening night)

Question:  so you sell playbills?


I do, yes.